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The research team reported that Emotet was the leading malware threat for the fourth month running, and was being spread during the month using a Coronavirus-themed spam campaign.

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The emails appear to be reporting where Coronavirus is spreading, or offering more information about the virus, encouraging the victim to open the attachments or click the links which, if opened, attempt to download Emotet on their computer.

Emotet is primarily used as a distributor of ransomware or other malicious campaigns.

Researchers found that in the past month the Phorpiex botnet has been delivering the Avaddon ransomware, a new Ransomware-as-a-Service RaaS variant that emerged in early June, via malspam campaigns, causing it to jump up 13 places to 2nd in the Top Malware listing and doubling its impact on organizations worldwide compared to May. As reported previously by Check Point researchers, Phorpiex is known for spreading large-scale sextortion malspam campaigns, as well distributing other malware families. The latest malspam messages distributed via Phorpiex try to entice recipients into opening a Zip file attachment by using a wink emoji in the email subject.

This rose from being the third most exploited vulnerability in December to the top position this month. If successfully exploited, a remote attacker can exploit this weakness to execute arbitrary code on the targeted machine.

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Emotet used to be primarily a banking Trojan, but recently has been used as a distributor of other malware or malicious campaigns. It uses multiple methods for maintaining persistence, and evasion techniques to avoid detection.

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In addition, it can be spread through phishing spam emails containing malicious attachments or links. This enables Trickbot to be a flexible and customizable malware that can be distributed as part of multi purposed campaigns.

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The application is capable of hiding itself from the user, and reinstalling itself if it is uninstalled. Guerrilla generates fraudulent ad revenue for the app developers. A remote attacker can exploit this weakness to execute arbitrary code in the affected router via a crafted request.

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Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an unintentional disclosure of account information. Successful exploitation could lead to the disclosure of sensitive information from the server. The ThreatCloud database holds over million addresses analyzed for cryptocurrency android app github discovery, more than 11 million malware signatures and over 5.

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The complete list of the top 10 malware families in December can be found on the Check Point Blog.

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